Lisa & Dave
Ashley Park House

It is hard to summarise what an utter joy it was to capture Lisa & Dave’s wedding at Ashley Park House, Tipperary. I knew it from the moment we met up before the wedding for a coffee and chat they were my kind of people.We chatted about them,their two beautiful daughters and how they met and everything in between. On the day i felt like i was photographing a friends wedding, banter and chats and nobody taking themselves too seriously. Which i think resonates in their images.
Here was a couple who just knew what they wanted, they waited a long time to do this and they were going to have the best day ever…and that is exactly what they got. A day about family first and foremost, and secondly about
enjoying every second, not sweating the small things, and to have the absolute craic enjoying their big day. To spend it laughing and crying, but mainly laughing sometimes till they cried. They got married on a beautiful day in October so in order to make the most of the light (and the fact that they were getting married in their dream venue in Ashley Park) they decided to do a first-look making perfect use of the walled gardens in Ashley Park. Now way back when i first heard about them i thought that first-looks went against tradition (i get that it isn’t for everyone as some prefer to see each other at the top of the aisle). But it is an absolute game-changer for most weddings but especially for winter weddings! Honestly if you are thinking of having a winter wedding, it’s definitely worth considering it as an option as it allows you to capture some images during the daylight, stress-free and enjoy more of your drinks reception with your friends and family.
In the beautiful winter light Lisa & Dave got the best of two worlds, time to spend with family and epic photos to look back on in the years ahead.