'I don't believe in magic' the young boy said

The old man smiled

'You will, when you see her'


Limerick wedding photographer

"I've just bawled crying in the middle of the restaurant. Jesus they are absolutely stunning! Honestly these memories we will both treasure for the rest of our lives....I'm welling up again even writing that oh god I'm a mess, but a good mess!! We love love love them!


Marian & Reamonn

I love being a photographer and I treasure my role in documenting what is a truly special day for so many couples. We all have an image of what a wedding photograph should look like, but the truth is there is no single photograph that defines your wedding day. It’s a day of so many emotions, so much happiness, friendship and love. I aim to capture your day in full. My aesthetic is no-fuss; I want to elevate the natural elements of your wedding day. I am adept at putting people at ease, check out my galleries to get a better understanding and of course drop me a line.

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