Sarah & Pearse’s Fun Limerick City Wedding

Real Wedding Alert: Sarah & Pearse
The couple from todays real wedding knew exactly what they wanted from their big day. Every detail was impeccable. From Sarah’s stunning dress (wait until you see the back of it ladies!),to the cake (the display was designed by the brides mum, who is a super-talented artist) to the gin/drinks reception with stunning views across limerick city!
Sarah even made up Translation cards so that no mis-interpretations happened on the dance floor or at the bar when one of Sarah’s limerick crew shouted out ‘Aboy da kid’ or ‘ Cmereiwantcha’ or when Pearse’s Antrim crew shouted out ‘Aye shur why nat’.
I first met these two last year when they were on a visit home from Oz, we met up to chat and plan the day together. With a view of having a relaxed day and a bit of craic together, i think i can safely say, mission accomplished!
I’d like to thank you for having me capture your day and would like to wish you both a happy and healthy future together.
Lots of Love Eve